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Reply to "80 year old Decaur man beaten by mexithugs"

Originally posted by WH:
Undoubtedly you have never been to Decatur Al.. The Hispanic population in Morgan county has increased over 500% since 1990. The chicken plant in Decatur is full of illegals. The chicken plant in Russellville Al is the same.

Have you had your head stuck in the sand or just where do you suppose the MILLIONS of illegals are?

You need to wake up from your liberal views and realize the US is being brought to its knees by people like you.

I have been to both places. I have a huge problem with illegals here in the U.S.! I don't like it a dang bit! I agree that illegal immigration is tearing our country completely apart! That is not what I am saying, nor have I implied that I am for it!

You are missing my point, you must not have read my other posts. MY PROBLEM IS, READ CAREFULLY:

The people posting on this forum automatically assume that because of a persons name or if they are of the Hispanic race that they are illegal!!

Why don't you go to South Florida, South Texas, Southern California and parts of Chicago, or New York city and start screaming that if you have a Hispanic name that you must be an illegal alien and let me know how it works out for ya. That would just the same as me going to Compton and yelling that all blacks are thieves!

And by the way, a lot of things I may be, but liberal is far from the truth!

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