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Reply to "Amazing events in Mormon history!"

Well Beternu,
I've done my homework.
First of all I researched your Church(Church,Churches of Christ). Your right
on there is no Stone Cambell. My Bad. It was Barton W. Stone. That acted first
on going literally by the Bible. Five years later Thomas Cambell and his
son, Alexander Cambell took similar steps in 1809. They declared nothing older
than the New Testament to be scripture. Your Church claims to be fashioned
after Christ's original Church. Sounds familiar. Your church claims that every
member holds the Priesthood. Yet there is no origination claimed where your
Priesthood came from. Whether or not you beleive it or not, the Priesthood in
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Does know where our Authority
came from. It came directly from Christ himself. You hold the Lord's Supper on
Sundays and if someone can't attend you take it to them. We have the Sacramet
on Sundays and take it to them if they can't attend. Your Churches are a group
of loosely bound Churches with some central beleifs and a common name. I'm not
saying that's bad. Your Church has a shared internet site. Shared with the
other Churches of Christ. Your Church also has a web posting site. Nothing
wrong with that Your local Churces do have leadership. Each congrgation is led
by a Plurality of Elders or Presbyters. They are paid leaders. All of our(LDS)
Local leaders are not paid ministry. They serve because of their faith and
love of God.(no paychecks) I was mistaken that you don't study from the Old
Testament, but I thought Bill and you were from the same church. So because
of Bill's belief in no rain or seas before the Prophet Noah, well you know.
I've got to be honest if I was looking for a Church and didn't already know
what I know, your Church doesn't sound to bad. Your church has a lot of
similarities with ours, except no authority from Christ. Just a bunch of guys
who decided to start a Church. But it is a good movement and does good things.
So I will no longer go after you about your church it's self.

Now let's discuss your sources. You give the web site-
The key word in there is exmormon. Just as I told you before these sites
you reference are made up of ex-mormons and mormon haters. they fabricate
things and add some references to begile people. First of all the sites
subject matter is titled Sex and the Mormon Church a cronological history
(long). It's date says Dec. 31 12:16 Wait there's more. The author is stated
as Deconstructor??? and no mail address listed. All the subject matter you
faulsly claim as fact are from a book titled The Mormon Hierarchy: Extentions
of Power. It's author is D. Micheal Quinn. The same Dennis Micheal Quinn that
was a Professor at no other than Brigham Young University. The same Professor
D. Micheal Quinn who was excommunicated by the Mormon Church in 1993. Sounds
like a theme to me. Here's more although he is excommunicated he says he
believes in the Mormon movement although he diagrees with certain policis
and doctrines. Are you going to keep getting you info from these bogus hateful
sites? You've got to do better than that Beternu. Seeing how I'm not going to
refer to your Church anymore, and my tone is going to lighten I will investigate
and shine the light on your falsehoods. Reading thru your church's beliefs and
purpose, I didn't read anywhere about your Church's mission to attack and
slander other religions and faiths.

Keep Marching for a Reformed Beternu,
Your Pal Skippy Cool
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