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Reply to "Amazing events in Mormon history!"

Originally posted by Bill Gray:
Hi Dwight/Skippy,

Two things I will have to admit. First, that when you write more than two sentences -- between your rambling, your bad spelling, your horrible punctuation -- and your incomplete and run-on sentences and paragraphs -- it is almost as impossible to understand what you are trying to says as it is to understand Mormon religious logic.

I believe I am finally seeing a pattern. You will not answer ANY questions about your Mormon religion for to do so would provide proof it is a cult.

And, when you write -- do you purposely write in such a confused way so that no one can understand what you are pretending to explain?

Now I see the connection. You are not really that illiterate. It is all pretense to avoid allowing anyone to truly know about your cult religion.

And, second, it matters little what church Beter attends. It does not matter if he attends a COC, Baptist, or whatever. That does not, in any way, make your Mormon church LESS of a CULT church.

Yet, I can see your typical Mormon misdirection and deceit in asking this of Beter. THAT is your normal mode of operation.

As a matter of fact -- that is the Mormon church mode of operation -- if you are an example of a good Mormon.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,


Thanks Bill,
nothing like reading a cheerful note from you to
give me a good chuckle. Big Grin

Keep Marching,
Your good buddy,
Skippy Wink

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