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Reply to "Anyone Know About Local CAVES??"

yeayeauknowitall 3 posted:
Originally posted by Peace Brother:
A person told me one time that there was a cave that ran all along "Cave Street" in Tuscumbia. Does anyone know about this?

Or does anyone know about any other caves around the Shoals area? I've been to Cathedral Caverns and that is really neat. It's a neat feeling when you are deep underground and it is like a whole nother world down there. And the funny thing is, if there were people walking right above you on the ground, they would never know that this whole other world was below them.

Anyone ever watch that show that I think is called "Underground Cities"? I've caught a few episodes and they show some really neat places like in Paris they have all these skulls buried underground. And really neat and elaborately painted murals on the walls of these caves/tunnels.

Does anyone know any of the details of any Civil War tunnels in this area? Are any of them still intact?

Yes! if you pm me i will tell you where one is! that is pretty neat. not that big, but pretty much untouched. their is another one around barton somewhere i cant remember where, but we went on a field trip, when i was a young kid. but anyway hollar for directions to the other one.

I'm not able to PM for some reason but I'm very interested in the locations of caves in the quad cities. I live in Sheffield off Hatch.

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