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Reply to "Atheists, Freethinkers Blasphemy Rights Day"

OK, Jennifer, here you go:



Old Faithful
January 8, 2011 10:09 PM

Ferrellj, which is better. A compassionate person stopping to help a homeless man or someone who is like let's say: one of your fellow thugs who post on this forum, Stuck in Traffic or any of the others like let's say; Jennifer, who would pass this man by with the utterance of lazy parasite. And which is better, a cable outlet which actually GAVE this man a job or one that spews a line of individual responsibility yet offers no assistance to an individual who does not meet their "criteria" for receiving an offer. ie: a governor who has quit her job, or a commentator who was fired from another media outlet for controversial remarks. Which one shows the TRUE meaning of charity???????????

You are so freaking insane I don't see how you even function. I give more to charity in one year than you will give in your entire miserable life. Who did YOU help this year rockhead? Did you send a gift package to a soldier? I did, but of course you didn't. Your kind hates the military and wishes they'd all come home in boxes. Did you send money to St. Judes? Oh hell no you didn't. You kept the money your mommy and daddy gave their "little man." You need to just STFU because you have no idea about me or anyone else you rail against. You are a bitter, nasty, selfish, waste of human flesh. You're worthless, no, you're less than worthless. IF you ever move out of your mommy and daddy's house you're in for a rude awakening. No one is going to pet and pamper you and tell you you're special like your mommy does. And if you run that foul mouth to people in "real life" like you run it in this forum someone will knock those teeth out for you. You stupid spoiled brat. You need an attitude adjustment and one day someone will give it to you. I wish I could see it.
Sure sounds angry and bitter to me. Actually, you sound totally out of control.

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