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Reply to "Biden Was Right Republicans are Neanderthals"

@David. R posted:

Biden was all so correct when he said Republicans are neanderthals over not wanting to wear masks.  After all in Texas a few weeks ago they let the citizens of  Texas freeze and die for no reason just because they would not upgrade their power grid.  Just yesterday in the senate  not a single Republican voted for the latest stimulus.  This after last year under Trump when America lost 22 million jobs and at years end 50 million Americans were going hungry.  And after Tommy Tuberville a senator that does not ever know the three branches of govt.  said that the stimulus was bad for Alabama even though it will put $1400 into the pockets if millions of the poor people of Alabama.  Tuberville said it would add to much to the debt although he had nothing bad to say about Trump who added 10 trillion to  the debt in just 3 years.  It is also interesting that Bidens current approval is 61%.  Trumps best in 4 years was not even 50%.  As for fighting the pandemic Bidens approval is 68%.  This after it was this very issue that led to Trumps horrible defeat in the election.

You want us to believe a woman that dropped out of the presidential race because of low favorable ratings....and a demented old man that was in politics for over 50 years with nothing to show for it except making himself and his family rich through corruption/quid pro quo...ran three times for office before he was a record breaking number of votes. Not only did Kamala call Joe Biden a racist and say she believed Reade...among other true things she said about Biden... China Joe couldn't even get Obama's endorsement until the very last minute when his lack of endorsement had become embarrassing to the DNC...then Obama gave his half-hearted endorsement. Odd isn't it...that the president that got the most votes in let you libs tell it
...had to have such a military presence at his infrauderation AND still keeps them to protect him!

Joe Biden has done nothing to thwart Covid.

"My Covid-19 plan? Plagiarize Trump's plan, mess it up and then claim Trump didn't do enough, and call him a xenopobe".
Joe Biden

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