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Reply to "Biden Was Right Republicans are Neanderthals"

@1130 posted:

i second Daddy Joe,, what laws did Trump break?   Incited is a media/democrat term, just because you make up new definitions doesn't make them right.  How many democrat elected call for violence? to many to count is the answer, oh plus media talking heads that did. The rest of your statement is just media made up.

Trump got peace treaties in an area that Kerry said was impossible. He cut taxes, I appreciated what I received.  He increased our 401s. built wall, slowed illegals. He donated his pay, is Biden donating his?  He attempted to rid DC of corruption, sadly there is just to much.  He opened white house doors to God.  He put USA first. Pulled our troops out of places we shouldn't be.

Just four dems that call for violence:


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