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Reply to "Book of Mark... Fiction?"

Originally Posted by gbrk:
 IF Congress AUTHORIZES something to be imported

then does that not imply that money would be set aside or provided in order that whatever

was authorized could be accomplished if, all things being equal, it could be done.

No, it doesn't.  Congress didn't have the money to set aside - hence, one of the reasons the project didn't go forward.


They weren't eventually imported so they were not paid for by Congress but that was due

to the war and not because of a change in their mind or their will.

But they did change their minds, and as quickly as it was determined the project was not feasible.


They only changed their mind and stopped the importation when Aitken offered to supply the

Bibles that were paid out of his funds. 

Project was already dead.


At that time they authorized their own chaplains to 

inspect and recommend his version as being acceptable to present to the people and States.

 True, and that was the sum total of their involvement in the bible trade. 


Also interesting to realize that they (Congress) were going to have them put into each

School to be studied and read by the Students then.  And I guarantee Creation was also

approved to be taught to the students then as well. 

This was 1777 or thereabouts.  Darwin hadn't published his theories, yet.  Benjamin Franklin was an early experimenter in electricity, physics was still dealing with simple motion of bodies, and as this was the Age of Enlightenment, science as we know it is just about to take off.  No theory was yet formed as to the beginnings of the universe by the scientific community.  The educational systems were still teaching classical "science".  This is where your Christianity interferes with your interpretation of events. What was "approved to be taught in schools" was dealt with strictly on a local level.  Our origins wouldn't even be considered except in the context of other religious traditions.

All of that today would be illegal. 

Yes, and so is slavery.

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