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Reply to "Bush's approval sags to record low in new poll"

Originally posted by dkjpika:
Instead of spending your time bashing the current president, why not do something productive and get behind a candidate of your own.

Instead of constant "BUSH SUCKS" over and over again, how bout sharing who you think will do a better job in '08.

I think everyone can agree the war has been a disaster, so lets hear some support any idea YOUR candidate might have instead constant griping.

PBA, you HATE the president. I think its safe to say everyone on this board knows that, and many are just sick of hearing it.

That is exactly what most of us plan to do, but that is nearly 2 years from now, .... so for now, guess Bush-Bashing is the IN thing,... He is the worst president "I" have ever lived under, that is for sure.

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