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Reply to "City to Ban Wal-Mart Supercenters"

We haven't purchased a penny's worth of anything at a Wal-Mart in over six years.

No kidding!

And, we've saved much, much more money!

Consider two of the most-often-heard arguments that Wal-Mart supporters claim as the basis for their support:

1) They're good for the economy.

2) They help people save money on things they'd buy every day.

Examine the strategies that Wal-Mart stores use when they come into towns.

They tout that the construction of the stores will benefit skilled laborers. Never mind that when they're built WMT has a track record of hiring illegals.

They claim that the store's sales will benefit the local economy. Never mind that their tactics put locally owned businesses out of business.

They claim that by putting people on the WMT payroll they're helping families. Never mind that they have NEVER hired any such low-level employee for a 40-hour-per-week job. They call it "peak time," and it's under 30 hours per week. That way, they avoid any risk of paying overtime, or being required to pay benefits.

They claim that they save people money on the products they regularly buy. Never mind that on many items people regularly buy, they can obtain at a nearby grocery store or "dollar" store.

They once claimed "We buy 'Made in America,' so you can too!" Now, almost everything they sell is imported. The manufacturing jobs have been exported. The cheap Shanghai, Chinese garbage is imported.

They claimed that their business model was beneficial to those small business owners whom desired to do business with Wal-Mart. Never mind that they've always had one of the most horrible track records of business relations with those small business owners and entrepreneurs, by forcing them to take back merchandise damaged while in the store's possession, thus taking a loss on any profit they otherwise may have enjoyed.

They claim that they're for equality of treatment for all. Never mind that they continue to remain defendants in a class-action lawsuit by current and former female employees whom have well-documented claims of wage discrimination based on sex.

The list goes on, and on, and on, and on... ad nauseum.

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