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Reply to "City to Ban Wal-Mart Supercenters"

Just as you are, I'm also opposed to Florence city's attempt to vilify our veterans' memories by a land grab.

The deal, I'm almost certain, is dead in the proverbial water because TVA has proposed a rule change regarding land use in such a fashion.

Thanks be to God for that!

And, like you and many others, I am completely concerned about the area which I so dearly love.

But, be of Good Cheer!

This area's history ain't over yet!

It's now being written, and my perspective on it, is to press forward, and call for the best.

I'm fond of saying, "Don't tell me why something can't be done; tell me why you won't do it."

This area and its people are blessed, blessed, blessed.

Is is perfect? Absolutely not!

But, I can guaran-darn-tee you and others this one thing: It's a whole sight better than many alternatives!

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