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Reply to "Could possibly be one more Trump victory to turn the guts of liberals inside out"

Jack Hammer posted:
Democrats at one time were somewhat America oriented for it's best
interest. No longer the case, they now look for a one world government
to protect and supply them from crib to grave.
Somewhere along the way they lose their free will or human nature,
same thing, The today's Dems aren't your mama's Democrats.

I believe that the main danger is that many, today, are using the Democratic party as a means to an end and the end is a different (totalitarian) America which is Marxist and where elections are no longer relevant, Government is all-powerful and the Constitution is but a fond memory in many citizen's minds.  

I don't think we are close, at this time, but I do believe that there is a core group from within the Democratic party that is using the party to propel themselves to a feasible position of total control and manipulation of the citizens.  The sell is one of a soft sell ultra benevolent position where the Government is all caring and exists to take care of the people (servants) and everyone is equal (until they aren't).  Freedom is a negative thing in that by virtue of being free some will excel and advance whereas others will be left behind because they don't do that which is necessary to advance.  When you have enough in control then the trap is sprung and elections are eliminated as they are no longer needed as the Government makes decisions for the whole.  

Those who initially subscribe to those who advocate socialism or even Communism do so blindly as it is concealed within a cloak of fairness and equality only once it takes control it is all-consuming and any and all conflicting threats are eliminated and control is enforced at the end of a gun and millions are murdered/eliminated through a process of failed re-education.  As was mentioned, back in the 1960's the process of taking over the Nation comes from within not without.  The educational system is of prime importance as is control and manipulation of the media.  The liberals and those espousing socialism have achieved and secured the educational avenues and they promote their doctrines and deceive many by reconstructing (revisionist) History and elimination of teaching the benefits and strength of freedom, capitalism and the history of our Nation.  Children are taught that our History is replete with injustice and racism and we have achieved what we have through manipulation and injust means.  

Thus I believe that the Democratic Party has become the vehicle that many who actually seek to take over the Nation and eliminate our freedoms guaranteed through and by the Constitution, and the Constitution itself, are using.  Many of those within the party are going along with them blind to what has happened to their own party over the last 40 or so years.  It's similar to the example of frogs in a pot of slowly warming water who are lured to their death in a slow process of ever-increasing heat.

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