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Reply to "DeepFat Returns Victorious"

Originally Posted by Extra-260:

, but I didn't know you were nuts too.

 So now is it personal between us? You now going to resort to namecalling? This a a severe response by you and others over my statemnt that my respect had diminished. I never said I had no respect for her. You folks indeed are showing your true colors, name calling and now threats.
 Yes, that is BS behavior. Continue, people need to know who they are dealing with in the forums.

Namecalling?  I said you were nuts and a fake preacher. I did not make any threats. I don't know pendra2010 and don't care too.  I'm sure ramm is laughing so hard he choked on his whiskey last night.   Seems that whenever the BS or the Monet group gets into any thing, all that it leads to is pure trouble.

People can read our forum and make up their own mind. They don't need you telling them what YOU think the people are like.

Are you sure you are a preacher? Between you and ramm, I can understand why the atheists are atheists.

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