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Reply to "DeepFat Returns Victorious"

Extra I don't know anything about any black sheep. I am not a member of that forum. Just this one. I have run across you in real life. You sure act different behind a screen name. You and Ramline are not a good witness for the Lord and you have to know that in your heart. Joy is.



 You already have your mind made up and there is little chance I will change it, but here goes.

 A year ago, Original bama took a picture of me off of a Church website and photo shopped it into a advertizement for s@x toys. Shoalanda loved it so much she posted her glee. this is still on his blog.

 These are the kind of people I have condemned. Now, you wanna call me a fake preacher, go right ahead. i have no desire to be a part of any forum with them until they change their ways. From the posts on the alabamian last night, they haven't cvhanged their ways.


 But you can continue to live in your own little dream world if you please.

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