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Originally Posted by Bill Gray:
Hi Magpie,


Personally, I agree with everything Joy has written in this post.  Where do you find a problem with it?


Her comment, "until God taught me that it's Savior and Lord"  -- would lead me to think that she leans toward a Lordship Theology, which tends to be sort of a "works related" theology.   And, I suppose I would lean more toward a Free Grace Theology which says we are saved by grace, through faith -- plus nothing else, no works.


Yet, the rest of Joy's post leads me to believe she also believes as I do about salvation.  So, possibly, that phrase "until God taught me that it's Savior and Lord" -- though it sounds like Lordship Theology -- may just be Joy's way of expressing her love for Jesus Christ.  Personally, I always say that He is my personal Lord and Savior.  And, that is basically what Joy has told us.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,




Thank you, but that's not what I believe.  I was taught all about Jesus being my Savior, but very little about Jesus being my Lord and what that entailed.  Thankfully, God saw fit to teach me what that meant. 


In my 20s, God tore down the wall I had built between me and everyone else in my life (including him), which I built to avoid being hurt again - I won't lie; that was a painful experience, but necessary.  One night, I finally gave up, bent my stubborn neck and let him take over in my life, his will replacing my own.  In that moment, he healed the wounds and filled the gaps in my soul with himself.  I didn't know the gaps were there until he filled them.  I was whole for the first time in my life.  I didn't even know what being whole meant before it happened to me. 


I serve him out of gratitude and love, because he did for me what no other could do.  He set me free.  Loving God and loving others is a natural overflow of the work he does in us.  That's why the Bible says that you will know us by our love.  If there is no love, there's a very good chance there is no Savior and Lord in that person's life.

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