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Reply to "DeepFat Returns Victorious"

Originally Posted by Extra-260:

" kicked me off his forum after I tactfully asked to be removed as Admin due to a decision he made with which I could not be associated. "


 I'm glad to see you do have your limits. It has restored some of my confidence in you.


 Yes, Jesus did eat with many undesirable people, most of whom were willing to change their ways. At the same time, there are many he didn't eat with.


With all due respect, what kind of rationale is that?  Either he dined with people who you feel are beneath you or he didn't.  Where in scripture did Jesus do as you insinuate?  Now, he got REAL ugly with some church leaders, but I think he even dined with a few of them on occasion.  Why did he get so ugly with those church leaders?  Do you recall?


Sorry...this brings out the little sister in me, Extra.


BTW, I do not accept Extra's assessment of anyone on my forum, this forum, any forum.  Unless someone gives me reason to think otherwise, I see them as a person.  However, if you start growing fangs or claws, you gotta go. *snicker*

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