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Reply to "Dem as we say...not as we do."

@1130 posted:

The people who in 1776 fought to free their children from taxation and political corruption wrote the document that was intended to prevent their children’s children from having to face the fight they were battling.

insurrection? haha,, 1% of a protest overreached,,, if the protest had wanted they would have overtaken everything.   will of the people? or did democrats cheat? did media cover it up?    Media covered up all Biden's crimes.   

republicans in Congress supported a protest, does not make them responsible for a few idiots that were let in.   not like Harris bailing out violent protestors

So,  you support the traitors? No problem, but you can't be a patriot and support overthrowing the will of the people. That's what makes a democracy a democracy.

Congressional Republicans led tours to the traitors. All tours were cancelled because of Covid restrictions, yet Congressional Republicans led groups through the Capitol Building. Congressional Republicans tweeted out the location of Pelosi, AOC, and others.. while the traitors were storming the Capitol Building.

Not one person who stormed the Capitol Building is a patriot... and if you support the insurrection, you're not a patriot, either.
You don't get to judge Democrats by the worst members of their party ... and not suffer under the same judgment. Welcome to reality.

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