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Reply to "Democrat Brown Shirts In Action"

giftedamateur posted:
direstraits posted:

Trump disavowed the supremists.  Meanwhile, the Communist Party, USA has endorsed Hillary and the entire Democrat platform. Communists slaughtered 180 million people in the last century and are still doing so in a few nations. Yet, we hear nothing from Hillary or the Democrats. 

From 1864 to 1968, the KKK lynched about 5,000 people, including about 3,500 blacks and 1,500 white Republicans. 

Don't forget the barbaric Muslims support the Democratic party, and Hillary loves her Muslim gf and her Muslim donors. So much for her claim of being a champion of women and children's rights.

I'm sure this will stir up jt, but the black panthers, blm and all the other hate groups made up of blacks and half blacks all demoslop supporters.

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