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Reply to "Democrat Rhetoric and promises ... there's plenty of blame to go around"

gbrk posted:

I'm not trying to say words used by the President aren't important but in several, if not most cases, the real problem today is not the actual words that the President says but it's how the media reports it and others spin it.  

Trump never said White Nationalist had good people on their side but rather, as mentioned in another post, Trump said there was good people on both sides of the historical monument movement yet there are so many people that actually believe Trump said it about White Nationalist because the media and the Democrats don't care to lie about it and continue to repeat it over and over for political gain.  To me that is just as bad as if Trump had said what they are trying to say he said.  Trump didn't say it but because so many say he did there are people who actually believe he did when he didn't so those spreading the lies are actually more guilty than Trump, himself.

Another thing to think about is the Democrats own rhetoric about Illegals and promising to give them everything free at the expense of our own citizens or instead of taking care of our own citizens first which is the language that actually potentially triggered this mentally unstable person to carry through with his actions as from his Manifesto we know he listened to what the Democrats promised which incensed him all the more yet no one is saying anything about that, at least not yet.   

Just think about the violence and the results that would most likely follow IF the Democrats were successful in pushing through reparations.  The Democrats want to blame Trump but all the time it's their own rhetoric that is stirring the pot to the point of anarchy.  The Democrats also have their own hate groups that get little condemnation, if any, and that is Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Until you are ready and able to call out ALL the groups then you aren't really serious about the problem but just want to politicize things and for that they should all be shamed.

Their lies are all they have. They spread the lies around to people that have no idea they're being lied to and don't know how to find or hear the truth. I have seen them post that Trump said to the squad..."get out of here! Go back to your crime infested countries"...and claiming that he said in a speech to shoot the illegals. Think of have people hearing that and they have no idea it is nothing but lies. They keep claiming Russia put Trump in office...and because dem voters are not the brightest to begin with they believe that. They have no common sense and don't know how to think for themselves...if they did they wouldn't be dems.  They don't want to take a bit of blame for the things that are happening even though they are mostly to blame! They have given us an out of control illegal INVASION of all sorts of foreigners and giving them benefits legal citizens either can't get or have to jump through hoops to get...gang infested cities...sanctuary cities where criminals are safe while they refuse to cooperate with our law enforcement... swollen welfare rolls...drug abuse...both supplying and enabling it...the unfettered slaughter of babies...punishment for calling a person by the wrong gender...the banning of words...and people are getting tired and angry. The ones not wound so tight are acting out on that anger and instead of owning the problems they have created their response is to push for taking yet another right away from US citizens...the right to bear arms. Then they pretend they don't know why they are so hated by normal...decent people.

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