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Democrats Presidential Debate - Protecting Illegal Children a BIG DEAL!

Isn't it great how all these Democratic Presidential Candidates are sooooo concerned about the illegal people's children's treatment as they come into the Nation illegally?  These same Democrats that have absolutely NO PROBLEM in reaching into a woman's womb and sever, pull apart, murder a breathing and living human embryo even up to the day of birth or in some instances allowing ti to die without any intervention treatment if somehow the fetus survives the abortion.  On one hand you have Illegals who are receiving (from what I've heard) gift money from the Government and receiving far better treatment than they ever did from the people they pay fees to in order to get them through Mexico and up to here.  Once here they most likely receive better treatment than they were used to where they actually came from.

Who is getting the blame though for what happens to them when they get here or on their way to here?  Donald Trump.  Trump was blamed for the death of the man and child whose photo was shown on the news yet why were they and all these others coming to America in the first place?   Maybe because the Democrats are promising them so many things and all they have to do is make it across the border.  Free Healthcare, free money to live on once you get here, no prosecution for breaking our laws.  I'll tell you the ones to blame are the ones who make it so appealing to come here and that sure isn't Donald Trump nor the Republicans.

On one hand they are sooooo concerned about the Children but the unborn, pre-born, soon to be born, alive in the womb totally dependent and innocent children/fetus/embryos there is no rights, no concern, and not protections provided to them.  

The real irony. though is that minorities overwhelmingly support Democrats yet abortion has cost countless thousands if not millions of lives of minorities and potential future Democratic voters once they make it past 18 years or maybe even 16 if some Democrats have their way.  Minorities are up in arms demanding reparations for past sins and slavery and lynchings yet with abortion there are FAR MORE minorities suffering a far more gruesome fate as they are pulled apart while alive in the womb during an abortion yet that is seemingly alright?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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