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Reply to "Democrats Presidential Debate - Protecting Illegal Children a BIG DEAL!"

L. Cranston posted:
HIFLYER2 posted:

Nope you just keep doing what liberals do twist, redirect or flat out lie about the truth and when that fails denial comes next.   

You do realize the entire conversation is in type, right? You're claiming I 'implied' something about charitable contributions and the facts just don't show it. Suck it up, buttercup. You jumped to conclusions and now, you're scrambling to cover your tracks. I couldn't care less what you think 'liberals' do... I think you're a little bit full of yourself or just off your meds. Either way, have a nice life.

No you implied all Republicans do  "for children is thoughts and prayers and not really helping them" and I pointed out the opposite.   

Your Post for your information:

Republicans should just protect our borders with 'thoughts and prayers'... they think it works so well for children here , in the US.

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