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Reply to "Democrats Presidential Debate - Protecting Illegal Children a BIG DEAL!"

Jack Hammer posted:
Conservative Republicans should continue to protect our children from
the murdering illegals the Democrats invited by the millions to come and      
cross the border illegally, they sure didn't give a flip about children then or
Abortions for the one night stands and the absolute disregard for any
humanitarian actions toward any child or the safety of the citizens of this
country is lost in the liberal talks about who has the most communistic
stand for the future.
Now for the first time in American history the Dims want people on the 
border for the children, while the children are surrounded by so called 
adults who can't seem to change a pamper.


The total irony in Democrats favoring abortion is that the vast, overwhelming, numbers of those aborted would most likely be future Democrat voters.  No wonder they are seeking out a new voter base or voting block in hopes that the Illegal immigrants will be able to vote and vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  Here is the rub though.  Even Illegals, once they get here and get work/jobs will start to realize which party more favors them being able to obtain and maintain work and it's not beyond reason that they will eventually become Republican voters.  

Likewise there are many minorities that are starting to question their unquestionable past support for Democrats because their lot in life has improved more under Republicans than it ever did Democrats.  It is possible that it could be said that Democrats have a vested interest in keeping segments of the electorate down and oppressed so that they can continue to promise to raise them up.  There is an inherent danger in that and that danger is that people will notice that their situation never changes with the promises.  

It's like so amusing to me to hear all the talk and chides toward Joe Biden for working with Segregationist whom, if you listen to the other Democrat political candidates those Segregationist should be relegated to the trash heap of history and they as well as those who worked with them be condemned most severely.  Problem is, and what you never hear mentioned in that discussion, is how most, if not all, of those segregationist that Biden worked with were Democrats in the first place.

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