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Reply to "Do Christians Need Buddhist Meditation Techniques to Handle Stress?"

Originally Posted by Unobtanium:

Are there any other "relaxing" stories of that kind that I mighta missed?


Read Revelation’s, all those stories about the lake of fire.

Of course, a Christian will tell you that God doesn’t send anyone to hell, but that we doubters actually choose to go there. I don’t think even the biggest fool in the world would ever choose such a place to go to.

Anyone who dies without believing those stories in the Bible, even though they are a decent human being that would never intentionally hurt anyone, they will spend an eternity in a place where the fire never dies, & Christians call it JUSTICE.


I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to worship a God that would design & carry out such an eternal nightmare on their fellow human beings.


As a child, those scriptures in Revelations & most of the Bible were the cause of many nightmares.


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