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Reply to "Do Christians Need Buddhist Meditation Techniques to Handle Stress?"

Originally Posted by DarkAngel:
Originally Posted by INVICTUS:
Originally Posted by okuok:

the truth hurts doesn't it jeembo?


OK is not only right, but who will be responsible for the person

when they stand before God as an atheist? The atheist that drove

the child from God? 

I'll say it again, there's far more evidence for God, than the absence of God.





Invic, If you want to believe in a fairy tale sky daddy, that is your right. To teach a small child that there is this all mighty creator that will send you to a place of torture and torment for eternity if you sin is a form of mental and emotional abuse. Kids raised in that atmosphere are more likely to rebel as teens.


I have never seen you present any evidence for the existence of God. Evidence! Not what you feel in your heart. If Christians were honest they would say that they have no proof at all but they want to believe in a higher being because it makes them feel better about life. I actually can respect that.


I will not stand before a God and answer to anything so your attempt to scare me is a huge fail. Don't waste your time with that kind of tactic. It is just silly.


Dark reamer

Let's be quite honest here. You are demanding some proof of God; I'll make it easy on you. Provide proof of anything. You cannot do it. You cannot prove other than by your faith in some measuring device that an observed property is anything but the product of the act of measuring.

I know that proposition is beyond your comprehension but it is quantum physics as we know it.

Yes the 6k package w/instructions should do the job just fine for you. 

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