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Reply to "Do "normal people" post on forums?"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by imho:
Reading many of the threads here leads me to question - do normal people post on forums?

Are forums a place that the normal, works 40 hour a week, married, 2.5 kids with a dog kind of people spend their time?

I've spent more time away from this forum than on it lately and I must say reading some of the crap people post on here makes me wonder exactly what type of people have time to come up with some of this stuff.

People need to spend more time helping people with real problems, hands on, get involved type of work instead of quarreling over many of the things posted here that are based on opinions, not facts, and posted by people that desire nothing more than to shame our country, our servicemen and women, and our religious practices.

Signing off for now and just possibly for good.[/QUOTE

Are you normal?

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