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Reply to "Do "normal people" post on forums?"

Originally posted by alacharger:
Originally posted by Ubermensch:
I think the question here is do any real people with original ideas and opinions post here or is this just a wasteland for political hate speech?

You are correct. I find it refreshing when someone posts their own thoughts and feelings, rather than cut and paste someone elses statements.

Yes, there are a lot of people who give honest consideration to topics on forums. But there are people who only want to stir up discord and create confusion on forums. They hide behind the anonymity of this type of forum, knowing that their true identity is secure. They surf various forums until they find one that they can "bait" with topics obviously intended to incite inflamed answers. I don't say they don't have a right to do so, just that they are a part of what other forum users have to endure. Forum owners do have a right to censure what is posted, and some do so more than others. Very few forum moderators will tolerate personal attacks, bad language or exposing the true identity of a poster.

I understood the post when I read the title. I was wondering the same thing myself. I wouldn't have used the term "normal people" though, because of what "normal" implies.

The sad thing is that it seems that these people ARE the majority in the world today.
It is sad, but seemingly true. Very depressing.

I have only been reading the forums for a few days and have noticed that most of the posts are not about news at all. Most of them are ...."What is your opinion about.....?", which I am not saying is a bad thing, but if it is only to stir up a debate, then to me it is useless.
I have also noticed that some of the posts are just opinions of one political party or another on a subject. Nothing to do with a news story at all, just forcing someone's opinion. The sad part is that it is "copy and paste" from somewhere else, showing that instead of an "original" idea or thought on a subject, the person spends their time searching for articles that mirror their thoughts and ideas and paste them here.
WHY? Who knows? Maybe to try to sway opinions which is mostly a waste of time, because everyone has an opinion based on life experience and are not easily swayed. Maybe these people think that there are tons of stupid people that can't think for themselves in the world, and that they will be coming to the TDF for guidance.
I'm not saying that running across something interesting and posting it on here is wrong. But obviously searching for things to force your opinion is a little silly. It is very evident.
But another thing that has bothered me about this forum is not only the flooding of "copy and paste" opinions. Also, it seems that there is a battle for power going on in the forum community. What I am talking about is that it seems that many of the "regulars" here do a lot of insulting each other and bickering back and forth, like in some power struggle. Personally, I am more impressed with behaving like adults and expressing opinions and respecting other people's opinions than I am by what you have done for a living, who you know, or how intelligent you think you are. It is quite obvious when a post or reply is put here for the sole purpose of making you look smarter than you really are or to brag about knowing something or someone that no one else does.

If you are sick of reading cut and paste posts by a certain person, or any posts by certain people.... You know what their posts are going to be about. Don't waste your time reading or replying to them. If their goal is to stir something up, don't give them that satisfaction. Someone else might reply and give them that satisfaction, but if they do, they won't do it many times before they figure out that is why it was posted and they will also stop wasting their time on such nonsense.

Just my opinion....probably will not make many people here very happy, but who cares? Who am I anyway? I have only been here about a week. I know nothing.

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