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Reply to "Do "normal people" post on forums?"

" Forum owners do have a right to censure what is posted, and some do so more than others. Very few forum moderators will tolerate personal attacks, bad language or exposing the true identity of a poster."....

Alacharger, that is so very right.. On our site, we do not allow people to personally attack anyone. Our site is pg/g-rated and family friendly, so the worse cussing you would see is hell or maybe d*mn... Our members aren't even allowed to use symbols in the place of those words because we do have kids or young members on there that do not need to see worse than that. Smiler

We usually though, ban someone for before exposing them, although the admin team on our site has a log of email addies to watch for when there are new members. Smiler

And we've been up and running for more than 8 years now on doing this. Most sites I frequent although the rules may be different, the moderator ediquette is almost always the same. Big Grin

I haven't been around here long enough yet to see if TD's admins are like that or not, but then again this forum is still very young in comparison and might not have found their niche yet. Big Grin


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