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Reply to "Does God exist? The universe had a start - what caused it?"

Originally Posted by Bestworking:

Why are you batting your eyes? While science claims to seek the truth, it is not the truth, and never will be, because science is never settled, despite what some politicians might tell you.




Science seeks. Science will continue to seek as long as there is life on earth. I am glad science seeks. Can you show me anything anywhere that says rep u t a ble scientists are trying to prove or disprove a god? That's not what science does. Thank goodness science seeks. I'd hate to think what shape we'd be in if it didn't.


You are correct working girl the atheist idiots have thought all along scientists are trying to disprove God.

that’s never been the case. You are the first idiot on here that has had the balls to admit it though.

Scientists run from you fools. There are some scientist who claim they don’t believe in God but they are lying. It’s the pierre cardin thing to do in a university setting.

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