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Reply to "Does God exist? The universe had a start - what caused it?"

Originally Posted by okuok:
++++++++++++++++++++++++++Originally Posted by Bestworking:

So I guess we shouldn't let children play in the dirt-they might create a human. 


Wul w/gurl I thought you athest dudes thought that could be done in the lab or by accident. Guess I was wrong.

The first man was made of inert minerals [dirt] then the Bible says the next people were formed from living cells. How genius. All one has to do is study the Bible for the concept then science has all the fun chasing it around. And the atheit spends all their time denying it. How cool is that? NOT COOL.LOL


Since they thought by many is that evolution is at play, with life, I suppose it could be theorized that children could play in the dirt and create a human from dirt and clay.  Following that same logical reasoning one could deduce then, scientifically given the DNA and natural progression of the species and the evidence of their thinking processes that cats can scratch around in the sand and create atheist?

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