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Reply to "Florence man in custody for having gun on school property"

Originally Posted by Capt James T:
Originally Posted by wright35633:
One provision is a guard or guards. Do you believe a school resource officer qualifies as such? And another example, if a school locked all doors but one, and required a check-in point prior to entry, would that satisfy the requirement? Just curious about the consensus.

I believe, under the new law, the schools can prohibit weapons within the controlled access areas of the buildings if they meet the requirements of having an SRO onsite AND controlled access (secured doors, etc.)  The law does use the word 'and' regarding the two. 


However, I do not think this applies to the parking lots.  Access to the parking lots is not controlled in any way at most schools, so they would not fulfill the second part of the law unless they fenced the entire property and had the entrances gated with controlled access to those gates.


Wright - how do you read it on parking lots?  The issue I have with the entire thing is the same issue I had with employers banning guns in cars - if you cant have your gun in your car when you pick up your kids, you pretty much cant carry the gun at all 5 days a week.  If they let this stand, the gun control crowd wins by default 5 days a week in most cases.

I agree to an extent. That was my point initially. With an SRO and a controlled access point, schools can prevent someone from entering with a firearm. I'm with you on the lot. Maybe a concealed carry provision there instead of leaving it widely up for interpretation.

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