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Reply to "Florence man in custody for having gun on school property"

Originally Posted by Capt James T:

I have a CCW permit, but I see no reason to carry into a school when I drop off my child (even before the change in the law).  The chances of something happening at the school is so slim that its not worth the hassle of explaining why I have it and risking the school banning me (which is their prerogative and within their rights.) 


Discounting what happened today and most mass shooting happen in schools with weapons bans.


What the hell are we talking about?


I do think that specifically trained volunteer employees should be able to carry.  Franklin County had the right idea. 


The problem is the fact that school spokesman, as well as some police departments, are announcing that the ban is in effect for the school property, including parking lots and pickup areas.  That doesn't seem to be what the law states.  They talk about how they want to make sure everyone 'understands' the law, but then they interpret the law how they want to, leaving out the parts that don't fit what they want to say.  And no one calls them out on it. 


They could have been crystal clear about it like they are in TN.  I expect that there will be additional legislation in the coming years to clarify it like they had to do with the idea of open carry being disorderly conduct in the current legislation.


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