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Reply to "Florence man in custody for having gun on school property"

Originally Posted by Jankinonya:

Wait...what? So now you are saying there is a law AGAINST carry a gun inside a school? I thought you said that the news was lying? The superintendent was lying. 


When did you change your mind?

I never changed my mind, Jank.  Reread my posts from the beginning - some of what I stated:


Check out the comments under the article if you want clarification and quoted law regarding the fact that this statement is not entirely true.....


.....Notice, in the WAFF article, it states "the individual was found to be in violation of the Open Carry Law on school premises" from the statement given by the Superintendent.  Notice it does not mention concealed carry, which is the only exception given for carrying on school property according to Section 13A-11-72......


.......Yep, and i have yet to hear one Alabama school representative explain what security devices they are placing at the entrances to the parking lots to allow them to skirt that requirement for banning concealed carry in a vehicle on school property.  They talk about the doors to the school as if those doors somehow limit entry to the parking lots themselves.......


Those are from my first few posts on the subject.  My point, the entire time, is that the schools are misreporting the facts about the law, specifically about CC on school property.  The law does not state that the entire property is covered, just like UNAs entire campus is not covered by the law.  Only areas that have controlled access of some type AND guards.


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