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Former CIA Agent’s Bombshell “Proof” That Indictments Are Coming For Deep State Agents

( – Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp has been a voice in the wilderness for some time, but if his latest interview is any indication, he may be in very good company soon enough:

He says the dirty agents working for the deep state that have been trying to undermine the integrity of our great nation since long before Trump appeared on the scene may soon very well be brought to justice.

And we certainly can hope.

Speaking with Sheila Zilinsky this week, he broke down just how deep John Brennan’s corruption went; it was far beyond simply calling for a sitting President to be overthrown on Twitter (which is already pretty insane).

Brennan was station chief in Saudi Arabia when the 9/11 hijackers got their visas approved–when they literally all should have been rejected. This happened on his watch–and 3,000 innocent Americans are dead as a result.

It’s been rumored for years that Brennan was a Muslim convert–which would make Obama, also a likely practitioner of Islam, more than just a progressive comrade, but a brother in the fatih as well.

Then, there’s also Brennan’s ties to the Communist party–again, leading one to believe he fit in quite nicely in the Obama administration.

The CIA has long been home to some very shady dealings and likely covert operations far beyond the call of duty for the intelligence agency, likely influencing global politics as well as government action here at home far more than we realize.

But the time for the CIA’s shadow government pulling the strings behind the scenes may be at an end, Shipp says.

“Indictments are coming because of Donald Trump coming into the White House from the outside,” says Shipp. “Trump cannot be bribed.”

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