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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

Originally posted by b50m:
Ahh, I see. Only military personnel need respond. I guess being a Navy brat and having grandparents, father, and brother in service doesn't qualify me to have an opinion. This is the same type of discrimination my dad hated when blacks were first serving.

Tell you what Bill, if you have to be part of the military to answer this question, then you have to be Catholic to talk about their practices. Fair? I repeat, a soldier is a soldier. Period.

Hi B50,

If you have never ridden a horse; how can you advise jockeys who race thoroughbreds? Sure, maybe your dad or brother rode horses -- but, what first-hand knowledge does this give YOU?

And, no, the ban on gays in the military is nowhere near like the discrimination against blacks in the military, or anywhere else. To compare the gays and their agenda to the plight of the black people of America is big slap in the face to our black brothers, sisters, and friends.

Do I have any first-hand knowledge of the Roman Catholic church? Well, I would say that twenty years in that church does give me a wee bit of first-hand knowledge.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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