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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

Originally posted by David L.:
Yes, gays should have the right to serve openly in the military. This all started because gays were once considered a security risk because of blackmail threats, etc. Attitudes have changed since then and those type of risks are almost unheard of today.

As far as Bill Gray's idiotic ranting, those things can easily occur between heterosexuals. People who serve our country and protect us should be respected and it should not matter who a person sleeps with.

Hi David,

No, David, the ban on gays in the military has little, if anything, to do with blackmail threats or national security in that sense. Yes, gays in sensitive offices such as high leadership, i.e., Congress, Senate, the Oval Office -- have always been seen as security risks -- and is still. But, for military people on the front line -- that is a moot point.

The big concern has to do with morale and discipline -- and it has to do with parents concerned about their teenage kids being put at the mercy of older gay predators while serving in the military.

You say the same thing could happen with heterosexuals. David, I have lived a few more years than you. And, I have had gay predators come after me many times -- both in the military and in civilian life. However, I have NEVER had a heterosexual man try to put the make on me -- not once. Am I doing something wrong?

David, since you have often stated your feeling about the gay lifestyle -- you have no credibility in such a discussion. Needless to say, no one doubts that you are a wee bit biased. And, yes, I am biased -- for I have personally experienced gay predators. And, I do not want to turn them loose with an "open season" license on our young kids in the military.

It is more than enough that our young men and women have to, in their teenage years, go into harm's way to protect our, yours and mine, way of life. So, let's not put that extra burden upon them of having to keep looking over their shoulders to ward off gay predators.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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