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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

vplee123 said of Bill

“The very fact that you say you have fallen victim to "gay predators" more than once in military and civilian life is more than a little bit weird. Maybe you are really gay, and people are trying to help you "out". ?? just kidding.........”
Well he may be kidding but I'm not. If you had so many “GAY PREDATORS” or just gays hitting on you in the 60's, you must have been giving off some kind of signals. I'll give you the benefit of doubt and say you may not have realized it. But, in the 60's, gays were so scared of getting beat up that they were very careful who they approached. I am a heterosexual and have been married 39 years but I have had gay (including lesbians) friends from a very young age (preteens) and I have never had a problem with any of them. They seem to be able to tell your orientation better than heterosexual can, or maybe it's just that if they are in doubt they let it go.

Again, vplee123 said
“WHO cares what the sexual orientation is, if an individual is ready and able to fight for our country. Do you think they should be banned from the Police Departments too? Where will it end????? “
Forget about where we band them from, what about all the other deviants.
Not that he would ever join the military in the first place but band Tiger Woods. After all he is a sex addict, what about some one that is into BDSM, Cross dressing, Necrophilia, Exhibitionism, or any of the unnumbered fetishes? Would you want these people representing the US in foreign countries?
Any one in the military should be disciplined enough to keep any sexual orientation in check and if they don't they want be in the military long (unless it is military prison).

Bill said,
“I, too, am against persecution and bigotry of any kind.” You need to look at the definition of “any” and change your comment to some or most, but if there is one (1) exception then the word “any” is not correct. Then you continue with; “However, I am also against predators who will find a "happy hunting ground" among the young people new in the military.” That is the same thing they said when they started letting women in the military. They are only joining so they can hook a husband.
That may have been the case for some of them but if it was I'll bet in boot camp most of them washes out or changed their mind. Before you say it, yes a lot of them did find husbands but so did the ones that went to college. Most of them went into the military because it was the closest they could get to fair and equal pay and advancement for the same work as a man.

The enemy, nor their weapons, care what your sexual orientation is.

And just to clear up any question, I am retired Navy.

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