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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

I'll tell you a story about my wife and a co-worker (a straight female) to further explain what I said.

My wife worked around a bunch of men and cut up and carried on all the time. Not a one of them ever came on to her and it was not because of me or her looks. It was because she gave off the air that it was a great friendship and that was as far as it would ever go. Her co-worker, (married to a man that these men knew to never leave the house with out a gun) wanted to joke around also but liked the ability to do so without leaving the impression that she might be available.
My wife was 17 when we got married and sh entered the military community. You could say she grew up in the military as for as dealing with broad spectrum of male personalities and learned how to handle herself.
Her co-worker on the other hand lived a cloistered life with little exposure to the same and never got over the high school antics that made her seem available. It was not her fault that she did not learn this, but the story goes to show that it has to do with how you handle and present yourself.

“One friend was in a panic. An older gay gave him a ride at the bus stop in Denver. Driving toward the base -- the older man made his pitch and my friend said no. Then, the man offered him money and my friend said no. Then, the man offered money and a bottle of whiskey -- and my friend said no. Then, believe it or not -- the man offered money, whiskey, and a night with his wife if the kid would have a homosexual tryst with him.”

One of my friends was struck by lightning and almost died. This does not give me reason to believe that every lightning will hit some one nor that everyone that is will live.

“if you say you never experienced that -- you must be the ONLY man who ever served in the military in the last one hundred years who did not.”
I will give you that if asked, many that were may lie about it, but I personally doubt that 10% experience it in today's military and in the 60s I'm sure it was a lot lower.

As for as my not getting out, you may have a point. I did not hang around with the liberty crowd much so if they all hung out at the port or base, I probably just passed through them on my way out meet and learn the local culture.

Being Gay is a religious thing for you, I don't care. You say it is against Gods word. You mean the canonized bible I suppose. Whether the scribes were inspired by god or not, I don't care. When men of this world pick and choose which scribes were inspired by god and which were not, then it becomes mans word and no longer gods.
Have you ever heard of the Allegory of the Cave? Some day you and all the religious friends will be freed to look around and see the world/universe/galaxy for what it is and then maybe you will understand the shadows on the wall that you base your religion on.
Before you jump, I consider myself as a very spiritual person, I just don't see any reason to anthropomorphize the spirit.

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