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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

Originally posted by StarryNight:
It is rare for a gay man to make advances on another man who he perceives to be straight. Maybe Bill is giving out vibes? I've always heard that the person who beats the issue to death is uncomfortable with their own sexuality. We've seen this happen over and over again (Ted Haggard, Troy King, etc.)

Hi Night,

If you really believe that gays do not make advances toward heterosexual men and women -- then, either you live in a closet -- or you frequent only gay clubs where there are no heterosexuals to approach. As I said, I have seen this happen, not just to me -- but, to many friends -- both in the service and in civilian life.

You could be right that certain people are more attractive to gays than others. You will find this in the heterosexual community also. We all have certain characteristics which attract us to the opposite sex. For me, personally, I have always been attracted to Hispanic and Asian women, I have always been attracted to petite women -- so, these, in my single days -- would always get my attention -- and my action.

So, I guess the same is true in the gay community -- they are attracted to certain types -- and I am 6'3" tall, blonde, and blue eyes. Is that the type which attracts you? It seems to have been for many gays in the past.

Regarding gays in the military, the following quote is a response (to that same article which I also sent to my Friends Ministry) I received from a man who is an evangelist, a mature Christian, a Christian writer and publisher -- and, as ex-Army Drill Sgt:

Well said… as a Drill Sgt of 10 years in the Army, I can tell you that it is also totally UNFAIR to have to worry about a gay ogling you as you undress or shower… we don’t allow guys to go into the girls area and observe them changing, showering, or sleeping… why should gay men be allowed the erotic pleasure of openly watching those they are sexually attracted to?

It’s unfair and inappropriate to the 96% or more “straight” soldiers (and that’s only one of about a 100 reasons gays in the military are a bad idea; many of those ideas to blunt and raw to even discuss).

Night, one thing I have always found about gays and liberals -- they refuse to accept Biblical teaching -- but, will fight tooth and nail in their attempt to rewrite the Bible to fit their desires and their worldly lifestyles. You cannot do that my Friend. God has already authored His Written Word -- and no one can change it. You live by His Word -- or you reject His Word -- but, you cannot change His Word.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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