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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

Originally posted by Bill Gray:
.....60 scared new teenage recruits living in the same training barracks with a person who is to be viewed as an inerrant god, not to be questioned. What happens if this god tells a recruit to come to his room tonight for late night training? The frightened recruit is powerless to say no. And, we all know what that late night training entails -- at least in the mind of this military appointed god.

Ole Gay Bill Gray they used to call him.....

Straight men think about their best friend's mom seducing them after school, or the hot math teacher offering to "tutor" after school, or some other scenario in which the boy is left powerless in the midst of a sexually powerful woman.

But what was Bill Gray thinking about back in boot camp? He was imagining the hot, masculine drill instructor calling him into his room for some "late night training."

Quite the fantasy you had (have) there, buddy. Did you get an erection while typing that post?



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