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Reply to "Gays In The Military - Right Or Wrong - Good Or Bad Idea?"

Originally posted by Bill Gray:
Originally posted by thenagel:
Sorry... but I'm against persecution and bigotry for any reason.

Hi Nagel,

I, too, am against persecution and bigotry of any kind. However, I am also against predators who will find a "happy hunting ground" among the young people new in the military.

And, there will be a morale problem caused by openly gay people flouting their new freedom.

Our military people do not need additional problems stacked on their backs by Liberal Politically Correct Politicians seeking votes.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,


Well, i'm not exactly sure what you mean by predators. I've been hit on by gay men before. i don't consider that being hunted by a gay predator, i figure it's a complement because he thought i was good looking and hoped i played for his team. when i told him that, no, i didn't play for his team he accepted it at left me alone.

It didn't offend me any more than it would have if it had it been a girl hitting on me. the answer would have been the same, because i was married.

If you mean aggressive stalker-like behavior, i'm pretty sure that women in the military have been dealing with that for ages now, and it's getting better little by little. so, once this goes public, little by little it will get better as well.

There are morale problems now, and a small part of it is because people who are gay have to hide who they are or risk being throw out of the military. so we'll be trading one problem for another.

there is no perfect answer that the whole country will accept, so we just have to do the best we can. I'm always going to be in favor of making the world a more equal, less hated filled place. this is merely one more step in that direction.

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