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Reply to "Gillibrand says she'll only pick judges who back Roe v. Wade"

gbrk posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Republicans had to cater to the Religious Right in order to win elections. Roe v. Wade is just the fallout from that deal. Never mind the consequences. Just scream about Democrats killing babies and it'll all be just fine.

So Republicans are the only one to cater to a specific group in order to win an election by appealing to issues specifically important to those specific groups?  Not wise throwing rocks when you live in a glass house.  I think most people realize, and recognize, that political parties, and candidates, cater and patronize certain groups and actually even compete to each group for their support.  Like Teachers Unions, other various Unions, NRA, Climate Change advocates, Religious groups including Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  Then there are the minorities.   I guess you missed the speech that Hillary Clinton made to a Black America group in Selma, AL seeking their support.  The one where she so obviously changed her voice and tried to speak like she felt they spoke.  If a Republican had done that Comedians would have lambasted them night and day for months not to mention they might not have gotten out of town without a lynching for an obviously horrible accent.  The only reason Hillary wasn't confronted over it is they were supporters of Hillary.

The topic at hand is 'Roe v. Wade' and picking judges who support it. I centered my reply around the topic of the discussion. You , however, decided to write a rant about Hillary and why Republicans don't get support from minorities?

Clinton Derangement Syndrome can be helped.

The first step is to switch off the Fox News Entertainment propaganda.

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