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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Originally Posted by frog:
Originally Posted by BFred07:

So what I'm reading from some is that it's OK for an atheist to assert their right to not have an official prayer at taxpayer funded events but that it's not OK for Christians to assert their right to speak out loud when praying. What I am hearing is a few people telling me that Christians need to go to the corner and be quite but that is simply not going to happen.

I didn't see that anywhere here.  Who said that?  What you are hearing and what others are saying isn't the same thing.


The problem is that saying prayers over the loudspeaker is cool for one group, but the rest of the group there might not want to hear them.  So all people are saying is you say your prayers if you like and anyone else can do whatever she likes...but not over the loudspeaker and not in a disruptive way that infringes on others' rights.  No one said you couldn't pray.  

People have said that we can pray silently to ourselves which is the same thing, if a group wants to say a prayer out loud then that is still their right. The law might very well be that the PA belonging to the school cannot be used however that does not stop Christians in the crowd from praying or having a prayer led, it can still be out loud and the 1st amendment protects our right to do so. 

The only thing that I saw in this story is that we might have to stop using the public PA, nothing else changes.

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