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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Some of the comments under the story were hilarious, especially the one from the person that didn't know mr. green and had no idea how to contact him, but still went right ahead and told mr. green about his life. Then he left his email address for mr. green so they could "discuss" it. I wonder what this man's qualifications are that he can sit on a forum and tell someone he doesn't know how they live and think and their educational background. I like the part where he proclaims he's not even a christian. Uh huh, sure- wink wink. The "christians" on the forum may want to look away when you get to the word delusional. And I like the part too where this person, on the verge of losing it, accuses mr. green of having rage. LOL!!


I've been looking for Jeremy Green's contact information but haven't been able to find it. I decided to leave this here.


Jeremy, I could hardly be called a Christian, but you **** me off. You scream about your First Amendment rights, which you've twisted to the point they don't even remotely resemble what's in the Constitution, but you are completely oblivious to the rights of others. You've built up some fantasy of what you want the Constitution to be for you and have somehow convinced yourself that it is reality. Nice work, for sure, but most people in the mental health field would call that delusional. I've never met you, but I've met many, many people just like you. I'm sure I can describe you pretty well. Let me try:


You're relatively uneducated with probably a HS degree and you've taken maybe a college class or two, but little more. You did well in the classes you took, but couldn't be bothered to invest the time in continuing. You don't see the value in education because you feel you're the capstone of enlightenment and you have probably been known to claim that you "know better than those teachers anyway".


You don't really have much of a career, but that isn't your fault, right? It's those mean old companies who just can't see the value in your skeptic ways who are to blame. That's OK with you because you're going to have the last laugh, right?


All of that was just for fun. Here's what I really want to say about you:


You don't really distrust or dislike Christians in particular. It's all people in all walks of life that you are wary of. You've just found Christians to be easy marks for your rage, and that, Jeremy, is the essence of your problem. You're a pathetic little self-centered, ignorant ego-maniac with a poor self image who has never moved past the grade school bully stage. You feel that a tough persona will make you feel better about yourself, but that hasn't really worked, has it?


So now you resort to whining to some anti-christian group, not because you're upset with Christians, but because you're so miserable in the shallow, worthless life you've built for yourself that you'll resort to this just to feel a bit of power. It's control you seek rather than "freedom from religion" and you think this group can bring you a small taste.


Fortunately for you, the targets you've chosen are mostly good and caring people who won't retaliate. They feel compassion towards your pathetic existence. I don't. I'm not good or caring. I don't feel anything toward your misery, but I do get ****ed off at worthless wastes of humanity like you who can't mind their own business. If you can't read a simple statement like the First Amendment and understand that it means the exact opposite of what you want it to mean, you're a lost cause. No wonder your family has deserted you.


Want to discuss this further? You can reach me at I look forward to hearing you cry.


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