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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:
quote:   Originally Posted by Red Baron:

Folks get so worked up about this. The Supreme Court has said time and again that school sponsored prayer is unconstitutional. I have heard "they took prayer out of school" all my life. Its nonsense each child still has the right to pray privately and the right to read his or her religious material of choice during free time.

Hi Red,


Obviously you live in a very narrow, protected part of this beautiful nation.  Come outside sometime and look around.  Anti-Christian prejudice today is just as flagrant as anti-black prejudice was in the 1950s.   Yes, you can deny it all you want.  Birmingham denied it back then --but, that did not change the truth.


So, go ahead and wet your pants -- for we are NOT going to keep quiet about our Jesus Christ and our God.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,





Bill, you live in a nation where you and I and other folks with religious beliefs have the greatest freedom to practice our faith of any place on earth. How about listing some of the alleged instances of the persecution you claim to be so rampant and let us examine them here on the forum and see if your complaints will hold water.  Are you up to this challenge or will you continue to generalize vaguely about all that alleged persecution??

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