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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Originally Posted by frog:
Originally Posted by O No!:

I'm not a fundamentalist either. But I wonder if people point out to you when some atheist says something most people would call outrageous, that it is ATHEIST delusion. No? You mean you're NOT responsible for anything another atheist says? You mean, you are all INDIVIDUALS??!!


But it seems you think Christians are not.

Yes, actually on this forum all atheists are usually lumped together as "atheist" or "the atheists" , and it is often followed but comments about them.  It goes both ways.


Not me. Some of my best friends, both on the forum and in real life, are atheists. I think you will notice that when I say "the atheists", it is when I am speaking of something general, such as "The atheists may not believe in God, but God believes in them." But when I am talking about something specific like being called stupid for believing in God, I will say SOME atheists. After all, my sweet friend Bluetick never said an unkind word to anyone because of their faith. I would NEVER lump him in with the likes of SOME of the atheists on this forum.


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