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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Funny, this.


I read Shoalanda's article on Mr. Green and seems all she could do is pick on his education and employment.  As if Mr. Green doesn't have any rights just because she doesn't think his job or level of education makes the cut.  This is freakin' hilarious.

That seems to be the standard around here, eh?  Ain't got a valid argument? Tell 'em you're more educated than they are.

  Oh-Then go on to explain about how you believe in supernatural beings......

That oughtta do it.  Way to prove you're not a moron. 



I'm with Jeremy on this issue.  If I'm sitting at a public event sanctioned by a city or school-I don't wanna be forced to participate (which is exactly what you're doing if you broadcast to an audience) in a religious ritual.  If I have to sit through it-I'm included in it whether I wanna be or not.


I don't go into a church and interrupt your praying with my cussing-I expect you not to interrupt my cussing with your praying outside the church.

  Do like they do in Arab. Take your offered moment of reflection and pray then. Pray out loud, I don't care....Just don't force me to be a part of it because you feel you need an amplifier to shout it to the mountaintops.  If I hadda buy a ticket-I wanna see a game, not go to church.


Not everybody on those mountaintops believes like you...and they get just as bent outta shape as you do when you try to force-feed your belief to them.


Christians have gotten a free pass for a long time when it comes to stuff like this. They're not surrounded by just other christians anymore. It's about time, I think, that they began to realize that.  Welcome to the 00s.  People have evolved past ghosties and fairies by now.


Well.........Some of us have.




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