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Reply to "Group complains about Brooks’ pregame prayers"

Originally Posted by A. Robustus:
Originally Posted by DarkAngel:
Originally Posted by Bestworking:

What did he lie about concerning the prayer before the ballgame? And who is shoalander? Is she/he employed?



Here ya go Best..




Shoalanda speaks is basically a local gossip rag. Some people in the community enjoy reading the "Enquirer" like blogs that are found there. Its not news by any stretch of the imagination. Just some busy body that likes to gossip and has made a (small) name for themselves by trying to ruin peoples lives and name in the area.



The stupid irony of a secretive and anonymous person (Shoalanda) attacking the personal life of a named person, based on what's written on a FB page. What any of that has to do with Constitutional violations, I haven't a clue. It's just a pure attempt at defamation and used as a loud warning to others in the community not to stand up for what's just and legal, or else.  We are all indebted (even Christians) to Mr. Green for his courage and conviction to do what's right.


The last time another friend of mine contacted the FFRF to complain about another illegal act in a Florence school and chose to remain anonymous, the complainant was often attacked (in online comments) as a gutless coward. Yet all the complainant was trying to do was protect the identity of their children from the kind of vile harassment and death threats that Mr. Green is currently being subjected to.



Good point A.R. Da mned if you do and da mned if you don't.


It is down right scary really. If you think differently or have a dis-belief in God in this area you face the real possibility of being not only ostracized but also physically threatened.


Where do we live again? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Oh no thats right, we live in the free democratic country of America. For a minute there I was unsure.

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