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Historian to Breitbart: Punish left-wing campuses in pocket book

In an interview with Breitbart News Tonight, a noted historian and columnist proposed possible solutions for the problem of leftist academic corruption.

In the interview, historian Victor David Hanson complained leftist universities indoctrinate student with such curricula as gender and peace studies instead of teaching pertinent subjects. He says a way of reigning in the problem would be to remove tax exemptions.

"If you (the schools) want to issue $1.6 trillion in student loans the way you jack up the tuition higher than the rate of inflation, you're going to have to accept moral hazard,” he reasoned. “So, Stanford or USC or UCLA, (if) they want to have student loans, fine. But then if they default, you're responsible for them, not the federal government."

Hanson also suggests cutting off federal funds from universities that deny students their constitutional rights.

"If you (colleges and universities) do not allow First Amendment rights of free expression,” he said, “or if you deny somebody the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment, when they're accused of sexual assault, then we're going to have to cut federal funds."

He also suggested that higher education has devalued vocational training.

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