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Reply to "Is Contendah (Beternun) a Closet Mormon?"

Originally Posted by INVICTUS:
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I would think that if Contendah is a COC then his church would have its roots in the Restoration Movement. Thomas and Andrew Campbell are often cited as the leaders of this movement. Hence the term Campbellites. Which is a term often used to describe COC's. From what I understand COC base their beliefs solely and firmly on the books of the New Testament. They are strict adherents of not adding to or taking away from those books. So the Book of Mormon would be something they would most definitely shun.


I could be wrong, but that has been my understanding.


I believe thats the way the COC declare themselves, founded in 1906, I have

family in the COC and have learned somethings about them.



Whenever any group of persons decides to follow the New Testament exclusively in faith and practice, that group  will have formed a congregation  of the same church founded by Jesus Christ, irrespective of when they began to live and worship according to the New Testament.  Such a church will have no need for a creed other than the Bible.  It will be organized according to the system of organization described in the New Testament.  That means, among other things, that it will be led by a group of elders, as described in I Timothy  3  and Titus 1.  Churches that vest leadership in a single 'pastor' are not following the New Testament in this important regard.  A true New Testament church will preach the gospel in its fullness and will have nothing to do with the false gospel that tells lost souls that they can be saved by "taking Jesus as your personal savior and saying the 'sinner's prayer.'" There is no example in the new Testament of any lost person being told that this is the way to be saved. It is a truncated, false gospel and is the creation of Satan himself.  If you disagree, then kindly show me where anyone in the New Testament is told by Jesus or by any apostle or evangelist that he should "take Jesus as your personal savior and say the 'sinner's prayer.'"


Go to the book of Acts, chapter 2 and see what the inspired apostle Peter told lost people who were p r icked in their hearts, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, 'Men and brethren, what shall we do?'" Those believing and penitent Jews knew that they were condemned and expected that there was something that they needed to do to escape condemnation.  Did the Holy Ghost-led apostle tell them to "take Jesus as your personal savior and say the 'sinner's prayer'"?  He most assuredly did not.  Read Acts 2 and see what Peter did tell these lost souls! 

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