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Reply to "James 2:26"

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:
quote:  Originally Posted by smokey1:
No one said anything about the Catholic Church but you just can't pass up an opportunity to take a shot at the church, can you Gray?

Hi Smokey,


My Friend, as usual, you are confused and read what you WANT to hear in the writings of those with whom you disagree.  There is NO MENTION of the Roman Catholic church in my post.  I mention a "fictional purgatory" -- but, do you think the Roman Catholics are the only religion with some kind of a purgatory type belief?  Other world religions have similar beliefs about life after death.


On the other hand, are YOU being a wee bit prejudiced by reading negatives about the Roman Catholic church into writings -- where that church and that religion are not mentioned?  Maybe you are like all the Obama lovers who want to call it "racism" every time we disagree with him.  Something to think about?


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,





Ok Gray,

tell me what other churches teach a belief in purgatory. 

Also, based on your almost daily attacks on the Catholic Church I know this was just another attempt of yours at trying to belittle fellow Christians. 

You are nothing but a snake in the grass.


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